Service Is Key

All of our nationwide secured trailer parking lots and drop yards are focused on providing the highest level of service in the industry.


We designed our services the way you would want nationwide secured trailer parking and drop yards provided in today's world. All our services allow you to control your fleet's needs right from your computer screen, freeing you to focus on your core business. While all our nationwide parking lots offer traditional services such as hostler assisted staging, message routing, maintenance and repair, we also use today's technology to provide extra value added services in all our lots.

At all times, all vehicle entrances and exits are controlled by on-site trained guards (i.e dedicated security staff experienced in drop yard services) to ensure that only authorized entries and exits are taking place. The detailed gate logs are maintained both on and off site electronically to assure yard security.
Real time reports on your computer via our online system keeps you up to date of where trailers and semi trucks are parked and how many empty trailers are available at any time. Our system offers real time visibility on yard activity for all our nationwide sites and provides reports and EDI integration into your existing system.
Issue electronic release forms directly from your computer to assure efficient and correct releases. When exiting any nationwide Fleet Services secure parking lot each trailer and driver is checked and registered against the data you send.
High Tech Security Assures your Trailers and Cargo are Secure
All our security staff have ability to monitor CCTV images at all times. In addition all sites use off-site monitoring as added security. Our security staff is also equipped with personal distress systems that raise an alarm at the local gatehouse and external monitoring stations that co-ordinate responses. Other high-tech security measures are disclosed only to clients to assure drop yard security.

No company can rely solely on technology to limit normal risks of business. That is why Fleet Services maintains bailee's customer insurance policies issued by admitted carries to insure all your semi trucks, containers and cargo from theft or damage while parked in one of our secure drop yards.


Fleet Services is premised on the idea that new technologies will allow us to provide more secure drop yards at lower costs while providing our customers boosts in their efficiency.

As a result Fleet Services is committed to research and development of new systems to achieve our purpose.


We are committed to developing new technology to provide the best secure trailer parking lots and drop yards in the country. Take a moment and look at some the exciting new technologies we are develping to better secure your semi trucks and cargo 24 hours a day nationwide.

Mobile Applications

We are developing the first Nationwide Reservation System for the trucking industry. Our mobile application will allow drivers to find Fleet Services' yards nationwide via GPS maps right from their smartphones or tablets.

The system will also allow online reservations and even payment via credit cards for any parking fees. Best of all the system will be updated in real time and divert trailers from full yards to nearby secure trailer parking lots with availablity.

Automated Trailer Inspection

Fleet Services is presently developing the industry's first Automated Trailer Inspection system. The ATI system will log all incoming and outgoing trailers digitally. ATI will keep digital images of all four sides of the semi truck and trailers passing through the gates. The ATI system will also use sophisticated OCR technology to automatically log the traffic improving real time inventory reports. The system will also provide visual records to determine if damage to any equipment occured prior to entering a yard, while in the yard or after leaving the yard.

Computerized Yard System

Fleet Service's C-Yard System utilizes existing high definition CCTV cameras on the lot and incorprates them into a computerized model of the yard. Using new digital imaging technology the computer system can determine available spots and automatically direct drivers to the location on the yard.
The C-Yard System promises to save drivers time and hassels in parking, improve yard utilization and reduce damage from unnecessary equipment movements.

Cargo Tampering Detection

We are constanly researching new ways to prevent and detect cargo theft on our yards. Our newest project utilizes new technology to detect possible cargo theft while on a Fleet Service Yard. The system automatically detects various signs of tampering with loads and alerts yard staff to conduct manual inspections to confirm your cargo is safe. We believe the new system will have a dramatic effect on not only spotting cargo theft but preventing it from ever occuring on our watch.