Nationwide Secure Trailer Parking Lots
Based On Technology.

Nationwide Secure Drop Yards the Heart of our Company

At Fleet Services we understand that our business exists to secure our client's semi trucks and cargo. Security is the first criteria we use in assessing any new technology or staff protocol. We constantly review our security processes and actively seek new ways to enhance an already impressive history of loss prevention.

Real-time Information the Blood of Modern Logistics

Fleet Services knows that today's logistics company depends on real-time information. From GPS tracking of your units to using artifical intelligence to plan shipments modern companies rely on information, it is not a luxury anymore. Fleet Services is committed to providing our clients real-time information via EDI providing their systems all the information they need..

We started with a simple idea. Provide nationwide secure drop yards based on the newest technology. We spent years developing a proven system to secure semi truck parking lots while being able to provide the real-time information modern logistic businesses need to keep their fleets moving efficiently.


Guidelines that we follow:

  • Secure parking is our main service. Everything we do as a company is focused on providing the highest security in the industry.
  • Information is not a luxury for our clients. We know today's trucking companies require real-time information.
  • Simplify our procedures for the client. We believe our clients want secure drop yards that are easy for drivers to use
  • Location is crucial. We understand that every mile counts so we place yards close to main trucking routes and busy shipping centers..
  • Provide services from the start. From one call we provide nationwide truck parking eliminating our clients search times.
  • Guarantee our services. We carry bailee's insurance policies to assure our clients their business is safe.


We are always looking to make new friends. . .



If you currently own or operate a drop yard Fleet Yards wants to discuss ways in which we can help achieve the maximum from your yard. We conduct a free security audit of your yard an identify potential concerns. With qualifying yards we enter into marketing agreements, which include free access to our yard managment software and many other benefits to your business operations. We then actively market your yard to the industry and only charge a commission on the business we place with you.



If you own or manage industrial land that is currently under utilized call Fleet Services. We will conduct a free review of your proeprty and determine the profit potential of opening a secure trailer parking lot and drop yard at your location. Fleet Services will then offer you a join venture to develop and open your new secure trailer parking lot and drop yard. As partners we share the costs of setup and operating. We also market the yard to our extensive industry contacts and take the lead in filling your new secure drop yard..