At Fleet Services we provide secure trailer parking when and where you need it

Fleet Services' secure trailer parking and drop yards are strategically located off major trucking routes and conveniently close to the major railheads, ports and freight airports nationwide. And Fleet Services truck parking lots and drop yards are open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Nationwide secure semi truck parking lots and drop yard secured trailer yard
Our Secure Drop Yards will increase your bottom line Semi truck parking lots nationwide secure drop yards for heavy duty trucks

Fleet Services saves you time and money. No more lengthy nationwide secure drop yard searches, with one call we can place you in a yard that meets your needs, freeing you to focus on your business. Plus all Fleet Services yards are priced to save you money.

secure heavy duty truck parking with secured drop yards nationwide secure trailer parking lots
Secure Trailer Parking is at the heart of what we do secure drop yards nationwide trailer parking lots for semi trucks and heavy duty vehicles

Fleet Services' yards use high-tech security features to prevent theft and damage to your trucks. Off-site monitored high definition CCTV and electronic countermeasures assist our trained on-site security guards to protect every semi truck and trailer. Fleet Services puts security at the heart of what we do from trailer intake via computerized gate logs to real time inventory you can rest assured your cargo and equipment is secure.

secure trailer parking nationwide with drop yards for heavy duty semi trucks
Our Secure Drop Yards carry insurance for all cargo and equipment keep with Fleet Services nationwide drop yards and secure trailer parking lots insured

At Fleet Services we offer insurance coverage on all cargo and equipment on our drop yards, at no cost. Our insurance policies cover your cargo via admitted carriers making sure your business is protected beyond the industry standard.

insured secure trailer parking lots and drop yards nationwide for semi trucks

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Logistics Support just got better!

To keep your cargo moving Fleet Services offers 24-hour live customer support as well as real-time online inventory so you can keep informed of all the variables crucial to your business.


Listing of our yard locales

Fleet Services' yards are located nationwide close to major railheads, ports and freight airports where you need them most. All of our yards are selected to provide convenient access to major interstates and highways keeping your trucks on route without unnecessary detours.