Newark, New Jersey

Secure Drop Yard in the Newark, New Jersey

Fleet Services Newark is in a high traffic area of South Kearney, which holds Foreign Trade Zone status. The Foreign Trade Zone status provides companies located in the zone with lower insurance costs, the ability to shorten transit time for their deliveries by removing delays from U.S. Customs clearances, and the ability to either defer duty rates or eliminate them entirely if the goods are reshipped out of the country. Another significant attraction for our Newark secure semi truck parking lot is the proximity of the Newark drop yard to the CSX Kearny Yard. CSX carries a variety of commodities, including consumer products, automobiles, food and agriculture products, coal and chemicals.
At all times, all vehicle entrances and exits are controlled by on-site trained guards (i.e dedicated security staff experienced in drop yard services) to ensure that only authorized entries and exits are taking place. The detailed gate logs are maintained both on and off site electronically to assure yard security.
Real time reports on your computer via our online system keeps you up to date of where trailers and semi trucks are parked and how many empty trailers are available at any time. Our system offers real time visibility on yard activity for all our nationwide sites and provides reports and EDI integration into your existing system.
Issue electronic release forms directly from your computer to assure efficient and correct releases. When exiting any nationwide Fleet Services secure parking lot each trailer and driver is checked and registered against the data you send.
High Tech Security Assures your Trailers and Cargo are Secure
All our security staff have ability to monitor CCTV images at all times. In addition all sites use off-site monitoring as added security. Our security staff is also equipped with personal distress systems that raise an alarm at the local gatehouse and external monitoring stations that co-ordinate responses. Other high-tech security measures are disclosed only to clients to assure drop yard security.