Fleet Services Colton is located minutes off Interstate 10, Interstate 15, Interstate 215 and Highway 60 in Southern California.

Secure Drop Yard in the Colton, California

Fleet Services Colton is located in the heart of Southern California. The City of Colton is a growing center for new business in the County of San Bernardino. A comprehensive transportation network, available underdeveloped land, a skilled, ready-to-work labor pool, and a viable partnership between business, city, and county government contribute vitality to an already established commerce. As a result, numerous new distribution centers are opening in the area increasing the need for trucking of cargo.

secured trailer parking with electronic gate logs and real time inventory

Electronic Gate Logs at our Colton Secured Truck Parking Lot

At all times, all tractor trailer entrances and exits are controlled by on-site trained guards (i.e security staff experienced in drop yard services) to ensure that only authorized entries and exits are taking place. Our Colton drop yard's gate logs are maintained both on and off site electronically to assure yard security.

real time inventory in all our secured trailer parking lots and drop yards nationwide

Real Time Tractor Trailer Inventory Offered at Fleet Services Colton

Our Colton yard offers real time inventories on your computer via our online system. We strive to keep you up to date of where your trailers and semi trucks are at all times. Our proprietary system offers real time visibility on our Colton secure drop yard and has direct integration into your existing system via EDI.

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Our Colton Drop Yard Uses Customer Controlled Electronic Releases

Issue electronic release forms directly from your computer to our Colton Secure Trailer Parking Lot to assure efficient and correct releases. When exiting the Fleet Services Colton Drop Yard each trailer and driver is checked and registered against the data you send.

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Our Colton Drop Yard Uses High Tech Security To Keep Trailers Secure

All Colton security staff have ability to monitor CCTV images at all times. The Colton Drop Yard uses off-site monitoring as added security. Our staff is also equipped with personal distress systems that raise an alarm at the local gatehouse and external monitoring stations that co-ordinate responses. Other high-tech security measures are disclosed only to clients to assure drop yard security.

Today's Technology Secures your Cargo, Insurance Guarantees It

No company can rely solely on technology to limit normal risks of business. That is why Fleet Services maintains bailee's customer insurance policies issued by admitted carries to insure all your semi trucks, containers and cargo from theft or damage while parked in one of our secure drop yards.

Investing in Tomorrow to Change with the Industry

Fleet Services is premised on the idea that new technologies will allow us to provide more secure drop yards at lower costs while providing our customers boosts in their efficiency. As a result Fleet Services is committed to research and development of new systems to achieve our purpose.